Eric Garcetti

New World Record: Democrat LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Held His Breath for the Entire Super Bowl

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has set a world record for holding his breath for over three hours, shattering the previous record of 24 minutes, 37.36 seconds. To prove his feat, he performed it on national television during the live airing of the Super Bowl.

We know that he was holding his breath because the last time he was seen maskless at a football game, he claimed he was holding his breath for a picture with Magic Johnson. In his multiple appearances throughout the Super Bowl, he was never wearing a mask.

In reality, Garcetti is just like all of the other mask-nanny celebrities at the game. None of them wore a mask despite strict orders by Garcetti himself that were supposed to be enforced during the big game. Yet, nary a mask could be seen as even leftists have grown tired of the charade of Pandemic Panic Theater.

The hypocrisy in Los Angeles is thicker than the fog, and Eric Garcetti is the biggest hypocrite in town. Meanwhile, school children across his city will be forced to wear slave masks tomorrow because science has been replaced by subjugation.