New Scamdemic: Pneumonia-Like Outbreak Continues to Sweep Through China With “Suspicions” It May Be Linked to Covid

(Natural News)—As a pneumonia-like outbreak continues to sweep through northern and eastern China, residents have started doubting that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is withholding crucial information about the true nature of the illness. Some suspect it may be linked to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

The outbreak, first noticed in September 2023, initially affected children but has since spread to other age groups. This outbreak intensified in mid-October and worsened throughout November last year. Patients usually exhibit severe symptoms, such as “white lungs,” reminiscent of lung damage seen in severe COVID-19 cases. (Related: Cases of white lung syndrome reported in the U.S. and China.)

According to the CCP, respiratory diseases were trending downward at the end of 2023. However, different sources, including media reports and social media posts, say otherwise.

The current outbreak is allegedly far more severe than officially acknowledged. Hospitals across the country remain overcrowded and an increasing number of sudden deaths, even among seemingly healthy individuals, have been noted. Residents and medical workers from different provinces suggest that the current outbreak is more severe than officially acknowledged.

For instance, Huang, a resident of Xingtai in Hebei Province, revealed that the hospitals in their area are still overcrowded and an alarming number of people, including young and seemingly healthy individuals, are dying suddenly.

Another resident named Zhang from the same province also believed that two of his family members who died of a pneumonia-like illness with no underlying conditions were infected with COVID-19 based on their symptoms. But then, the hospital did not clearly state the cause of their deaths.

Wen, a medical worker in Jiangsu Province in eastern China, backed the claims of the residents in Hebei. He claimed that many people, even those without physical problems, underlying diseases and obvious symptoms, have suddenly died in the outbreak.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic over the past three years, the government forced people to get vaccinated, and almost everyone took it. Therefore, when people die suddenly, everyone definitely thinks that it’s related to the COVID-19 vaccine,” he concluded.

Many are not convinced that the outbreak is unrelated to COVID-19

The public remains unconvinced that the outbreak is unrelated to the COVID-19 virus, despite the official attribution of the CCP to cross-infections of different respiratory infections, including influenza, mycoplasma pneumonia, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and rhinovirus.

In an interview with the Epoch Times, Qi from Zibo in Shandong Province claimed that this outbreak wave is indeed COVID-19. He shared information received from a source with military connections to the upper echelons of the CCP, who advised against taking COVID-19 vaccines or PCR tests.

“This wave of the outbreak is actually COVID-19. The parents [of his source] are both in the military and are close to the upper echelons of the CCP, in a major military command. He does not recommend taking COVID-19 vaccines or PCR tests. He has never taken a nucleic acid test nor been vaccinated. It is almost impossible to save those who get white lungs. If you are young and can survive it, your health will be significantly reduced compared to before, which is quite tragic. There are a lot of people who have developed white lungs. I heard that the ratio is very high in Tianjin and Beijing,” he said.

In another interview with the Epoch Times in 2023, U.S.-based virologist Sean Lin also made the same statement about mycoplasma pneumonia. He claimed that the disease is typically treatable with specific antibiotics and does not usually result in severe lung infections or “white lung.”

“COVID-19 has never really disappeared in China. Therefore, from a professional point of view, it should be a variant of [COVID]. A combined attack of more than two viruses or bacteria is also a possible cause,” he said.

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