Michelle Lujan Grisham

New Mexico Wannabe Dictator Michelle Lujan Grisham Backs Down on Gun Ban

Just when many of us thought any semblance of sanity had evaporated in the United States of America, the country rallied for a lucid moment to oppose the tyrannical efforts of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. With pressure from every direction, including many of her fellow Democrats, plus a court order against her, she amended her gun ban to “only” go after certain public venues.

In other words, she caved from her gun ban and turned it into expansion of gun-free zones. It’s not a true win for the 2nd Amendment as any such restrictions are unconstitutional, but it’s good to see we haven’t quite turned into a full-blown police state.

According to Just The News:

At a press conference on Friday, Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that she was amending her controversial gun order to allow open and concealed carry, except in parks and playgrounds “where we know we have high risk of kids and families,” she said.

The move comes a day after a federal judge temporarily blocked the order and fellow Democratic politicians denounced her plan as unconstitutional. Local law enforcement had refused to enforce the order and the state’s attorney general had refused to defend it in court.

Lujan Grisham, citing recent shootings, had declared a public health emergency centered on gun violence. The executive order signed September 8, included an “action plan” that banned carrying a loaded weapon off of private property in Bernalillo County, which includes Albuquerque. The governor’s office threatened fines of up to $5,000 for violations.

The governor made the changes to the order after “listening to the debate in court,” according to ABC.

“I want to point out that the conversation in that court was pretty clear that we are not wrong about this emergency, or about the issues related to violence, gun violence and public safety generally,” she said.

This was a trial balloon to test the acceptance level for abolishing the 2nd Amendment. We can take it as a small victory, but in reality the powers-that-be learned lessons they will use against us. The battle will continue as incremental stripping of our God-given right to fight tyranny is an ongoing threat.

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