New Dating Site Pops Up for Unvaxxed-Only Members

New Dating Site Pops Up for Unvaxxed-Only Members

With so many companies pushing for vaccine-only patrons and employees, the options for the unvaccinated are limited. Some “free” Americans are having challenges finding restaurants or grocery stores that are willing to accept their business.

In the online dating world, the tables are turning on the vaccinated, at least in a minor manor. According to a post by Gab CEO Andrew Torba, there’s a new unvaxxed-only dating site that just launched.

“A no vax dating website for the unvaccinated: posted.

According to the website’s terms:

This site was created for people who have not been injected with experimental COVID-19 vaccinations. However, the operators of this website cannot guarantee that only the uninjected will register as users.

The operators of this website assume no responsibility for any damage or loss that may come as a result of two users interacting with each other neither virtually nor physically.

While the rest of the website does not include indications about vaccine-status or limitations to membership, the name implies the intent. It is also unclear who launched the site. Is it one of Torba’s many projects? We reached out for comment but have not received a reply.

It’s getting harder and harder to for the unvaxxed to do some of our most basic daily activities. The vaccine-nannies are tenacious. But with this site, perhaps it’ll be easier to find others sharing in our oppression.