New Company From Makers Of Z-Stack To Support The Liberty Daily (Discount Code Inside)

For a long time, business in America was close to a level playing field.

Conservatives could work with big companies – and they would treat us fairly.

No more.

Did you know Google won’t advertise on The Liberty Daily? And lots of big brands don’t want their products to appear on the site?

That’s right – The Liberty Daily is apparently too “extreme” for their “woke” tastes.

It’s ok – we don’t need to send more money to woke corporations.

Instead, we’ve been looking for conservative companies that offer great products to our readers.

Now, we’ve found a new one — one you’re going to love.

It’s called Liberty Tree Health, from the makers of Dr. Zelenko’s Z-Stack.

When you click over and see what they’re doing, you’ll love it.

They’re creating wonderful new doctor-designed health aids – and a portion of the proceeds benefit The Liberty Daily.

If you have trouble sleeping, try their delicious Sleep Enhancer.

Click here to see more.

Take the gummy before bed and relax.

Each gummy has all the vitamins we need to feel rested and energized when we wake up. No big pharma. No addictive pills. No prescriptions. 

Just one gummy a night from Liberty Tree.

The ingredients are natural — and prepare you for an energized new day.

Each Sleep Enhancer gummy includes:

* 18 Essential Vitamins – Supports the body’s systems: Brain, Immune, Heart, Vascular, Cellular and Muscular.

* Melatonin – Supplements our natural levels of melatonin. Without enough, our bodies risk a restful sleep.

* Ashwagandha – Known for its stress-relieving properties, but also supports focus and memory, necessary for recharging your body.

* Magnesium – Supports your ability to relax your muscles.  When your muscles relax, your mind prepares for sleep.

Check out the label:

Plus, they taste great!

Where are they made? In the USA, of course!

What about the quality?

Liberty Tree says:

“Our products were formulated with the highest quality ingredients that have years of science and research to support their efficacy. We take pride in our cGMP manufacturing facility along with having our products 3rd party tested for purity and potency.”

Shipping is fast — when they’re in stock, shipments are dispatched within 24 hours.

Plus, you’ll get free shipping across all products on a minimum purchase of $50.

And there’s no risk — If Sleep Enhancer gummies aren’t a good fit for you, return it within 15 days and get a full refund – no questions asked.

“Liberty Tree was developed to protect the health of Americans, invest in conservative media and defend the values that made this country great – all while rejecting the corrupting influence of big pharma and the big government bureaucrats.” – Founders of Liberty Tree

For a limited time, use discount code THELIBERTYDAILY to get 15% off your order.

Thank you for supporting The Liberty Daily as we work with more conservative companies!