NeverTrump RINO Liz Cheney Goes Full-Karen, Wants to Speak to Tucker Carlson's Manager About Jan. 6 Documentary

NeverTrump RINO Liz Cheney Goes Full-Karen, Wants to Speak to Tucker Carlson’s Manager About Jan. 6 Documentary

Congresswoman Liz Cheney isn’t happy that Fox News host Tucker Carlson is putting out a documentary that reveals the truth about the false flag operation that occurred at the Capitol Building on January 6. She is so furious that she’s appealing to her fellow Establishment hacks in Fox News upper management to silence him.

Carlson released a teaser for his upcoming documentary, Patriot Purge, that is set to reveal what really took place on what all Democrats and RINOs like Cheney have called an “insurrection.” Evidence has been pouring in for months that the entire thing was a Deep State plot to discredit President Trump and his supporters, and thus far it has worked with the help of mainstream media. But there are cracks in their propaganda armor, and Carlson is set to expose them on November 1.

Cheney, who many believe was likely in on the plan that was likely hatched by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of Trump-haters in Congress and the FBI, took to Twitter to voice her discontent to Fox News. She as kind enough to tag the leaders at the network: Rupert Murdock, Jay Wallace, Suzanne Scott, and Paul Ryan. None of them were fans of President Trump.

Yes, the election was stolen. Yes, January 6 was a false flag attack by Liz Cheney’s Deep State cronies and Congressional Democrats. Tucker Carlson is brave enough to buck the system, including Fox News, and reveal the truth.