Netflix Takes 'My Little Pony' Down the Woke Trail of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory

Netflix Takes ‘My Little Pony’ Down the Woke Trail of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory

Children’s shows have always been a tool for indoctrination. There was a time when they were used to instill certain mindsets that were relatively harmless, but over the last decade or so they have turned into perverse drivers of anti-American, anti-Biblical sentiment. Then, there are the social justice warriors among the indoctrinators that attempt to paint society as flawed because it isn’t “woke” enough.

This is the arena in which Netflix seems most focused, at least when it comes to children’s entertainment. Their latest push takes a classic, “My Little Pony,” and shoves it down the woke trail. According to Fox News:

In an apparent effort to send a message to kids about empowerment, unity and reform, Hudgens plays the heroine of the film, an earth pony named Sunny, who teams up with a curious unicorn named Izzy (Kimiko Glenn) to attempt to make peace with outsiders from other communities. Along the way, they meet some pals and band together as a pack of young progressives wanting to make change.

“I think that it really reflects the times,” Hudgens said of the movie’s impact in an interview with ABC 6. “My character believes in inclusion and friendship.”

“It’s such a sweet little message to be reminded of,” Glenn added to the outlet. “Until you’ve experienced someone, you can’t know how they actually live. We flourish when we come together. It’s an important message.”

As usual, it sounds harmless on the surface, especially to unsuspecting parents. But the indoctrination is geared towards Cultural Marxism with a tilt towards normalizing Critical Race Theory. The tenets of the destructive ideology are present throughout the show.

If someone wants to watch Netflix, that’s fine. But they should know that the goals of the company are to promote “entertainment” that is woke to brainwash those who aren’t discerning about what they or their children watch.