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NeoCon Nikki Haley Is Fading But Do NOT Underestimate the UniParty Swamp’s Desperation

(Conservative Playbook)—In the old days, elections were fairly predictable. Well, they seemed predictable. Some would argue they’ve been controlled by the Deep State or the New World Order or the UniParty Swamp or demonic powers or whichever bad guy group you favor for attribution. Compared to today, the powers-that-be at least portrayed a stronger illusion of choice for We the People.

If the current GOP primaries were happening in the old days, we would look at it all and know with a 98% or more certainty that Donald Trump is going to be the nominee. But this is 2024 and nothing can be taken for granted. If you support Trump, now is not the time to get complacent.

Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are running to be the safety net. They strive to accumulate delegates in hopes that if any of the various manufactured charges against Trump stick, then someone will have to slide into the nomination. Otherwise, the race was over before the Iowa Caucuses. Now we’re faced with a game of chicken as the two remaining challengers vie for crumbs and hope the other drops out first.

As with all elections, this is a money game. We live in a society in which campaign fundraising and spending are signs of viability. The one who spends the most is not necessarily the winner as we’ve learned repeatedly, but the ability for someone to continue running hinges on their ability to raise money and spend it. If they raise it without spending it, they have a harder time raising more. If they spend it and struggle raising more, they’re out.

The DeSantis campaign has been struggling since before the Iowa Caucus after their big-dollar backing started evaporating. Haley’s troubles started at the Iowa Caucus when she could only manage a third place finish, prompting more concerns about her viability. She has been hit hard since then with reports of infidelity, a big endorsement loss, and body blows from Trump that have landed.

Both remaining contenders are banking on the other dropping out first. Both also know that even when the other drops out, their prospects are nearly nil. They need one or more of the lawfare gambits to hit paydirt.

This leads me to the point of today’s column. The powers-that-be seem to consider Haley as their best bad option. A big loss in New Hampshire will decimate her chances of winning her home state. A win or even a close loss in New Hampshire could boost her just enough to take South Carolina as well, especially if DeSantis drops out.

Anyone who thinks it’s impossible for her to beat Trump in New Hampshire hasn’t been paying attention since 2020. The people who stole the last presidential election and the subsequent midterm elections are going to try to do their thing in New Hampshire. If anything, it’ll be easier for them to manufacture votes through Democrats in the open primary. They won’t have to wait until 3am the next day. They can pull off a “fair” win for Haley just by driving enough Democrats to vote for her.

The worst thing Trump supporters in New Hampshire could do is to think Trump is going to win. They need to go into next week thinking his lead is razor thin, that every vote counts, that the UniParty Swamp is going to try to steal the state, and that Nikki Haley is an existential threat to both the MAGA movement and the America itself. They need to rally their friends and family to vote by debunking any notions that Trump has this locked up. It isn’t just about winning the state. HOW he wins is important.

A single-digit win for Trump will be portrayed as a loss as NeverTrump pundits will claim it demonstrates vulnerability. A solid win for Trump will deflate both opponents. More importantly, it will deflate their donors; the sooner they run out of money, the sooner we’ll move on to the general election.

A landslide for Trump could launch general election season next week.

I’m cognizant of the fact that many of our readers are not Trump supporters and I have no intention of insulting them. I actually like DeSantis as a governor and I think despite the rhetoric that he hasn’t completely blown his chances in 2028, but his prospects in 2024 are essentially nil. Haley, on the other hand, is untenable and must be stopped. That’s why I would encourage DeSantis supporters to come home to Trump. The sooner that DeSantis drops out and backs Trump, the easier it will be for him to recover for another run at it in 2028.

Nikki Haley is adored by the UniParty Swamp because she’s one of them. She’s Dick Cheney in high heals. She’s a brunette Hillary Clinton. She puts the “Con” in NeoCon. She’s dangerous.

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