Neil Oliver's Criticism of Covid Protocols Is Absolute Poetry

Neil Oliver’s Criticism of Covid Protocols Is Absolute Poetry

We do our best to illuminate the truth about, well, everything that is of importance to a free society. Arguably the biggest farce we’re facing today has to do with Pandemic Panic Theater, and while we have plenty of stories we get to post on a daily basis on the topic, sometimes a particular story stands out. It’s for this reason that we’re posting the link to the story on RedState as well as the video in question. Yes, it’s that fantastic.

From the video:

Here we go again. With Christmas on the horizon, a holiday that should be a time for families to put the past behind them and look towards the future, a new variant of the virus has seemingly been dispatched from poor old Africa as the gift no one asked for and no one wants. After months of messages of fear from our governments and their favored scientists here comes more of the same. We can only presume that too many of us were seen to be awakening from the toxic trance into which we had been put by propaganda from the nudge unit. Fear has been the key to nearly two years of unprecedented power for politicians and their scientists. Fear has also blinded people to the reality of manipulation and mass hypnosis used to make them and to keep them compliant. But with that fear on the wane, losing its power to do harm much like the virus was losing its power, it was plainly timed to cast another spell and here it is in the form of yet another variant. How timely.

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