Neil Oliver Delivers Brilliant Analysis of Coordinated Shift in World Leaders' Rhetoric

Must Watch: Neil Oliver Delivers Brilliant Analysis of Coordinated Shift in World Leaders’ Rhetoric

The attacks on the “unvaccinated” have been ramped up over the last week as world leaders attempt to gaslight the vaccinated into hating their unjabbed neighbors. It’s working as both a pressure point to cause strife and an intimidation technique to get the “stragglers” on board with their globalist agenda, The Great Reset. GB News commentator Neil Oliver took to the airwaves to not only highlight the coordinated efforts, but also to demonstrate how wrong it all is.

Every new commentary by Oliver ups the ante against the globalist elite. It’s amazing that his videos are still being allowed on YouTube, a fascist organization that has censored far-less influential people for saying things that aren’t as controversial as Oliver’s. Nonetheless, I’ve uploaded the video to BitChute, just in case…

He’s absolutely right about, well, all of it. The shift in rhetoric from world leaders is conspicuous, almost comically so. They really, really want the vaxxed population to turn against the unvaxxed. They are also threatening the unvaxxed as a prelude to the (more) draconian measures that they’re planning to bring down upon us. Science is irrelevant at this point, other than the science behind psychological manipulation. On that front, they’re working the agenda masterfully.

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse had some intriguing thoughts on the monologue:

Through the prism of that motive, all irreconcilable panic-selling from government entities starts to make sense.

You don’t have to be a true believer at the top of the climate change pyramid to see the massive financial opportunities created by an agenda to structurally change the entire foundation of energy use on a global scale.

Factually, I would be surprised if the biggest people within Klaus Schwab’s WEF believed in anything even resembling climate change.  However, they would see the opportunity for a massive shift in global wealth, and with that comes a myriad of mechanisms and more opportunities to control it.

As I have repeated on these pages for a decade, everything is downstream from the economics of everything.  The love of money and power is at the root of all evil.

Fascism was traditionally defined as an authoritarian government working hand-in-glove with corporations to achieve objectives. A centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, using severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

That system of government didn’t work in the long-term, because the underlying principles of free people reject government authoritarianism.  Fascist governments collapsed, and the corporate beneficiaries were nulled and scorned for participating.  Then, along came a new approach to achieve the same objective.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) was created to use the same fundamental associations of government and corporations.  Only this time it was the multinational corporations who organized to tell the government(s) what to do.  The WEF was organized for multinational corporations to assemble and tell the various governments how to cooperate with them, in order to be rewarded by them.   Corporatism was/is the outcome.  The government now doing what the multinationals tell them to do, and in return the multinationals install the compliant politicians

Fascism, the cooperation between government and corporations, is still the underlying premise; the World Economic Forum simply flipped the internal dynamic putting the corporations in charge of handing out the instructions.

When people like Dr. Robert Malone are being censored while people like Anthony Fauci are not in jail where they belong, we know that the endgame of The Great Reset is driving everything. They will not be slowed, let alone stopped, unless those who still embrace freedom unite to stop this globalist elite takeover that will lead to totalitarian control.