Woke NBA Moron Steve Kerr Gives Two Woke Opinions About School Safety Two Years Apart and They’re Both Awful

The Uvalde Massacre has leftists making terrible demands, most notably the call for more gun control laws. Wokesters like Robert Francis O’Rourke are tripping all over themselves trying to virtue signal in the emotional aftermath of the mass murders of children.

As I noted on Twitter, I’ll bet nobody who’s calling for gun control to keep kids safe have their own children enrolled in the Chicago public school system:

Tearing down the old arguments made by leftists that gun control laws work despite the facts showing they don’t has become easy since we already know what plays they’re going to call before they call them. But sometimes, they go so unhinged it actually doesn’t require retort since they make mockeries of themselves. Such is the case with Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who has been vocal on pretty much every woke issue around.

Following the murders in Texas, Kerr repeated calls for gun control:

But he had different ideas when Black Lives Matter and Antifa were burning down cities in 2020. According to NBC Bay Area:

Kerr on Tuesday joined students and parents in Oakland who are calling for the school district to eliminate its police force.


One might think our corporate media, or at least sports media, would connect the two outbursts of wokism as contradictory. If he’s really concerned about protecting kids, why call to have law enforcement removed from schools? Perhaps if he had called for MORE law enforcement to protect our schools, the massacre wouldn’t have happened. We’ll never know. What we DO know is nobody’s covering this.

Well, nobody other than Outkick’s Clay Travis: