Nazi No-Show: Kent “Boneface” McLellan Gets “Pass” After Deep State Thugs Go to Court Instead of Him

If Laura Loomer’s reporting is correct, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise, than she witnessed a Deep State maneuver to protect one of their operatives. Kent “Boneface” McClellan skipped his arraignment for burglary and assault and battery. Instead, thugs who appeared to be Feds went to court and made arrangements for him to get a “pass” and not have an arrest warrant put out for him.

According to Loomer:

Kent R. “Boneface” McLellan was a NO SHOW today at the Deland Courthouse where he was supposed to have an arraignment today at 1:30 pm EST for a May 20, 2023 arrest in Volusia County, FL for burglary with assault & battery.

Inside the courtroom, the judge recognized that McLellan was a no show and the state prosecutor asked the judge for “a pass” for McLellan.

Additionally, two muscular men who looked like federal agents went into the courtroom to speak to the bailiff before the doors were open to the public. They were overheard saying “Kent”, before the Bailiff let them inside the courtroom.

The two men who looked like agents left after speaking to the bailiff and they didn’t stay for court.

Usually, if you’re a no show for an arraignment, a bench warrant is issued for your arrest by the judge in front of the court room. But no warrant was issued after McLellan failed to show up, and the state Prosecutor asked for a pass.

Why would a state prosecutor give “a pass” to a domestic terrorist who was charged with assault and battery in May? And why didn’t the judge issue a Warrant for his arrest?

Looks like those 2 men “handled things” for Kent before court today.

I sent an undercover source to the arraignment today to document all of this and can prove everything I posted above.

The only people who get passes and get excused by a judge for not showing up for arraignments are feds, confidential informants and federal assets.

This keeps getting spicier and spicier by the day.

What is the @JoeBiden administration hiding?

Seems pretty cut-and-dry to me.