Naval Academy

Naval Academy Denying Diplomas to Unvaxxed Midshipmen Despite Religious Exemptions

The fact that our military still has a Covid-19 “vaccine” mandate is bad enough. Add to that reports that the Naval Academy is denying diplomas to unjabbed graduates even if they applied for a religious exemption. It’s clear our woke military leaders are working an agenda that has nothing to do with healthcare.

According to Fox News:

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., said the U.S. Naval Academy potentially refusing to give diplomas to students who refused the COVID vaccine is “absolutely atrocious.”

Steube joined “Fox & Friends” Thursday to discuss the GOP’s efforts to get answers from the Naval Academy. The Army veteran said a constituent of his is being told she needs the vaccine in order to graduate.

“Think about spending four years of your life in college and then not even being able to get a degree for the work that you’ve done. This is a young woman who wants to serve her country and all because she doesn’t want to take the COVID vaccine based on religious exemptions that are being refused by this administration and the DOD.”

In a letter to Naval Vice Adm. Sean Buck Tuesday, Steube and other lawmakers said denying diplomas to otherwise qualified midshipmen is a waste of the country’s four-year investment in those people and will hurt military readiness at a time when all service branches are having trouble with recruitment and retention.

Here’s the report: