Naomi Wolf_ 'Fascistic Atmosphere' from Oregon's Vaccine Passport Mandate has Created 'Jim Crow' Two-Tier Society

Naomi Wolf: ‘Fascistic Atmosphere’ from Oregon’s Vaccine Passport Mandate has Created ‘Jim Crow’ Two-Tier Society

Last week, Oregon became the first state to mandate businesses to only allow those who show proof of Covid vaccination to allow their customers to not wear a face mask. It’s a clear indicator of a two-tier society forming in leftist regions of the country, as Democrat Naomi Wolf noted in a video she released.

“Hi, this is Naomi Wolf from DailyClout and the Five Freedom’s Campaign,” she began. “I’m so sad to be reporting that I’m here in the beautiful state of Oregon and Oregon became the first state in the union to mandate vaccine passports as a condition for entering a business or house of worship without a mask.”

Oregon, with its power base in far-left Portland, has been run by Democrats for a while. The state has pushed further and further to the left, trying to eclipse neighbors Washington and California for the mantle of the west coast’s most radical state. They beat their competitors to the punch on this one by granting not only authoritarian control but obligating it upon businesses and churches.

“On the 19th of May, 2021, just a couple of days ago, the Oregon Health Authority, which is turning into a fascist agency, issued a mandate saying that businesses have an obligation,” she said. “If they’re going to allow people in without a mask, to allow in people who show a vaccine confirmation, and to not allow people in without a mask if they cannot or will not show confirmation of vaccination. And this is businesses, it’s houses of worship, it’s all across the state.”

This won’t just force many businesses to become tyrants. It will create an opportunity for unhinged customers to report businesses who are not following the state’s mandate. Freedom-loving business owners will be forced to make a choice: Execute the state’s mandates or risk being taken down.

“So, they’re putting an obligation on businesses to police their customers and create a two-tier society exactly like Jim Crow laws,” she continued. “I don’t mean to belittle the horrible history of Jim Crow laws, but it’s literally this kind of legislation, some people are better than other people, some people are more equal than others and they get the privilege of removing their masks.”

As bad as the ACLU normally is in their “woke” form of social justice, they are on the right side of this particular issue, as Wolf explained.

“The ACLU wrote an op-ed saying this is the beginning of a two-tier society,” Wolf said. “And I can tell you that I was in Newport, Oregon, just a couple of days ago and there was already a sign outside of a touristy curio shop saying ‘if you’re going to take your mask off inside you need to show proof of vaccination.'”

The ironic part is many of those who have already received the vaccine continue to wear masks while many who have not been vaccinated haven’t been wearing masks except when required. The end result is a whole lot of people who are still wearing face masks.

“I can tell you that this mandate has created already a fascistic atmosphere in Oregon,” Wolf concluded. “People are policing people in stores to make sure they’re six feet apart. If your mask slips you’re told to move it up over your face. But this is a dark day in history, the first vaccine passports in the United States of America, Oregon, May 19, 2021.”

Here’s the video:

This isn’t a left vs right issue, per se. Naomi Wolf is a progressive icon who understands the dangers of draconian mandates like Oregon’s. This is a fight between those who value freedom and those who prefer to live in fear.