Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf Exposes UK Government Quietly BANNING Covid Jabs for Kids Under 12

The UK government’s official Covid website quietly changed guidance on the Covid “vaccines” to not recommend jabs for kids under 12. According to independent journalist Naomi Wolf, they’re going so far as banning them unless the children are extremely immunocompromised.


She joined Steve Bannon to discuss it…

According to her website, The Daily Clout

In this video, Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Steve Bannon to bring us the latest news on the Covid vaccine in the United Kingdom, specifically as it affects children 11 years old or under. The vaccine is now being denied to children 11 years old or younger. So why the change? Was the vaccine ever safe for children this age? And if not, how many have been injured?

The answer to that last question is likely the scariest and may never be revealed by our corrupt governments.