“NAFO” Twitter Bot Group Really Wants You to Support the Ukrainian Aid Quagmire or Else

They say we learn something new every day. My big enlightenment came from conservative filmmaker Mindy Robinson who posted about a Twitter bot farm yesterday that had hitherto slipped under my radar.

“NAFO” is the North Atlanta Fella Organization. Yes, it’s a dumb name, but don’t let the idiocy of their label downplay the insanity of their ideology, nor their seemingly strong reach. This group heavily promotes the Ukrainian government, attacks any who criticize them or the aid we give them as “Russian propagandists,” and works as a group to take down conservatives on Twitter.

Robinson is one such victim. Here’s what she had to say:

Check this out…

So while the mockingbird media is busy painting the whistleblower as a “traitor” and for the “crime” of exposing how our corrupt government was lying about the war in Ukraine.…I caught a Deep State bot farm trying to mass report any posts criticizing the war including mine below.

They use these hashtags to communicate and mass flag accounts:

They all support NAFO religiously, they all support radical leftist causes, they almost all have the same dog graphic, they almost all speak Ukrainian or some other foreign language…and they do NOTHING but live and breath to block anything that could jeopardize that sweet sweet gravy train of tax payer money being laundered overseas.

Even more interesting, are the ones that have been on Twitter for longer than this fake war. Like a true NPC they all simultaneously push out the radical leftist narrative of the day. They love everything trans and rainbows, they really love vaccines and mass reporting anyone that says otherwise. They hate orange man bad, and of course never once questioned the questionable election where boxes of Biden-only ballots fell from the sky at 2am…because that’s a “ThReAt tO oUr dEmOcRaCy.”

I just know either George Soros or our own tax money is paying for this, and it explains why several breaking posts never got the traction they should have because they were getting flagged. Innocent people don’t need to do this, it couldn’t be clearer after everything that’s come out with the Twitter files, and the government lying about the safety of the vaccine, and suppressing journalists and political opponents that our federal government is out of freaking control.

I don’t know if Elon knows about this, there are ways to thwart these bot farms if he wants help. Judging from the similarities in syntax and content, it’s about 100 or so people running multiple accounts that add up to the thousands. You can use the hashtags above to find them and block them, so they can’t ding your account in the future.

The Left can’t meme, and they can’t even troll without being fake and obvious. Luckily, I’m a 2016 Meme war veteran.

As if state-run propaganda mills weren’t enough, having Twitter trolling Neo-Marxists coming after us with Ukrainian fake news just adds to our growing list of challenges.