Museum of Modern Arts Attack

Art Fanatic In Democrat Hellhole NYC Stabs Two MoMA Employees After Entry Pass Revoked (Video)

The love of the arts can drive people’s passions. But when those passions are held by a mentally disturbed man armed with a knife in crime-infested New York City, a simple act of revoking his entry pass can send him over the edge.

Here’s the crazy video from his rampage at the Museum of Modern Art over the weekend:

According to BizPacReview:

Violent crime continues to plague New York City despite a recent change in leadership and in the latest bloody incident, a deranged man stabbed two employees at the Museum of Modern Art after he was denied entrance over prior incidences of disorderly conduct.

The action went down on Saturday afternoon when the man jumped over the front desk, pulled out a knife and proceeded to stab the two employees in a terrifying example of how the safety of Big Apple residents is in constant danger as the series of spontaneous attacks by lunatics and criminal miscreants continues unabated.

Here’s the local news report on the incident:

There are crazy and violent people in every city in the country. But in recent years, it seems violent crime has increased dramatically in Democrat hellholes like NYC more so than in cities run by Republicans where law and order are given far more respect.