Schiff Greene

MTG’s Reply to Unindicted Coup Plotter Adam Schiff’s Feeble Defense Is Pure Fire

Representative Adam Schiff faces expulsion from Congress for his plethora of lies during the Russiagate saga. As he is wont to do, he has been gaslighting with his defense of the indefensible, rewriting history on Twitter and through campaign fundraiser emails.

Here’s what he posted yesterday:

A MAGA Republican Member of Congress just filed a motion to expel me from the U.S. House of Representatives. I stood up to Donald Trump and held extreme MAGA forces accountable. Now they want payback. They’ll go after anyone who defends the rule of law.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene wasn’t having it. She replied to Schiff in a very direct manner, cutting straight to the chase and going beyond even expulsion as her desired action against Schiff:

You put our country through hell trying to remove a sitting US President by lying for years through the “Russia Russia Russia” hoax. You should be expelled and thrown in jail.

Of the many criminals on Capitol Hill, Adam Schiff may be the most worthy of jailtime, which is saying a lot. Let’s hope justice is finally served against a man who has done more to harm this country than the vast majority of his colleagues combined.