MTG's Epic Speech 'Do Not Pass the CR. Shut It Down.'

MTG’s Epic Speech: ‘Shut It Down’

Congress has demonstrated a complete lack of discipline when it comes to spending the money they take from us. This isn’t new, but in the age of Covid it’s as if any semblance of fiscal responsibility has been tossed out of Capitol Hill’s windows.

Today, Congress passed a continuing resolution that will fund the government through February. The Senate has less than 24 hours to get it passed, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sees it as likely, according to Fox News:

The House voted 221-212 to pass H.R. 6119, a short-term spending bill that would stave off a looming government shutdown that was set to go into effect Friday. The bill permits the government to remain funded at last year’s fiscal levels until Feb. 18.

H.R. 6119 now heads to the Senate, leaving the upper chamber little more than 24 hours to usher the legislation through and avert a shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he expects the measure to pass Thursday evening. “It is looking good that we are going to pass the CR tonight and make sure the government stays open,” the New York Democrat said.

Despite the likelihood of passage, there was one bright spot that came from House debate on the issue. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene gave an epic speech from the floor, highlighting the follies of the legislative branch that have sunk us into practically insurmountable debt.

Her speech may not have changed many hearts or minds of Capitol Hill, but the people are listening and finally starting to ask the same questions as Marjorie Taylor Greene.