MTG Wonders How Ray Epps Is Doing

MTG Wonders How Ray Epps Is Doing

Here’s the punchline. Ray Epps is a Deep State operative. Now, we’ll get to the joke by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene even though there’s nothing funny about the circumstances.

“How’s Ray Epps doing? Been raided by the FBI yet? No? Not locked up in the DC Jail in solitary confinement? Gee that’s odd. Subpoenaed by the J6 committee? No not yet? Huh? Wonder why? Where is Ray Epps?”

Greene has been at the forefront of exposing the horrible treatment being given to political prisoners from the January 6 mostly peaceful protests at the Capitol Building on January 6. And by “forefront,” I mean she’s one of only a handful of representatives who are even acknowledging the inhumane conditions and human rights abuses against the January 6 detainees.

As for Ray Epps, he’s apparently experiencing blissful freedom despite crystal clear evidence he instigated many to “storm the Capitol” on January 6. As an exposé by Revolver News detailed in October, Epps is almost certainly a plant by the FBI. Since then, others have published even more evidence that Epps was the primary provocateur of the first wave of entry into the Capitol Building.

Revolver’s most recent follow-up has even caught Donald Trump’s attention.

Deep State provocateurs are not new, but thanks to social media and independent investigative reporters, we’re seeing them appear more and more targeting conservative groups. More lawmakers need to follow MTG’s lead and expose these miscreants.