MTG Lays Out Solutions After Noting Texas Mass Murderer Was Hispanic With Gang Tattoo on His Hand

Gruesome videos of the mass murderer who killed at least nine yesterday in Allen, Texas, show him wearing body armor laying in a pool of blood. But a closeup view of his hand has many believing he was a gang member.

According to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene:

9 people were murdered yesterday in Allen, TX by this man who appears Hispanic with what looks like a gang tattoo on his hand. The shooting occurred at a gun free zone outlet mall. Title 42 ends on Thursday and CBP says 700,000+ migrants are going to rush the border.

She continued by laying out the problems.

All of our problems are solvable.

End Gun free zones and allow Americans to protect themselves and others.

Stop punishing heroes like the NY subway Marine who bravely stepped in to protect others.

Prosecute criminals, not victims or would be victims of crime, and put the criminals in jail, stop letting them off and allowing more crime to occur

We need federally and state funded mental hospitals and drug rehab facilities to get dangerous people off the streets.

Put strong border security policies like Remain in Mexico back in place.

Defund all Sanctuary Cities.

Deport criminal illegal aliens.

Round up all gang members and prosecute or deport them.

Put our military at our border and shut down the daily border invasion of human and drug trafficking.

America’s military is American tax payer funded and is constitutionally designated for the defense of the United States of America and should be used to defend our border.

Demand Mexico reign in the Cartels and stop all foreign aid to countries sending criminals and drugs across our border.

If it doesn’t stop, take military action against the Cartels who are responsible for murdering over 300 Americans daily with fentanyl poisoning.

Demand China stop sending fentanyl to Mexican cartels and use economic sanctions if it doesn’t stop.

And there is a lot more that can easily be done.

Americans deserve their government serving and protecting them, not a government that serves the rest of the world and protects criminals.

Corporate media and Democrats will take every opportunity to spin the narrative before dumping the story altogether because it isn’t political expedient.

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