MSNBC's Race-Baiting Host Joy Reid Claims Attention Given to Gabby Petito Is from 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'

MSNBC’s Race-Baiting Host Joy Reid Claims Attention Given to Gabby Petito Is from ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’

Popular (by MSNBC standards) host Joy Reid used her platform in the most predictable way possible when discussing the story of Gabby Petito’s murder. She made it all about race just as she does with nearly every story she reports. According to her and the guests she had on this morning, the massive coverage of Petito’s disappearance and murder were a result of “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

According to Clayton Keirns from Trending Politics:

If you haven’t already gotten the memo, the mainstream media absolutely despises white people. However, some media pundits hate whites more than others. Joe Reid is at the very top of the list leading the “Anti-White” charge.

While discussing the heartbreaking death of Gabby Petito – who likely was murdered by her psychotic boyfriend – Joy Reid brushed off the tragic news and lamented the fact that the media is covering another story about a “missing white woman”.

Reid didn’t once offer condolences or even seem bothered by the news. She spent about 45 seconds “reporting” the story and then launched into an anti-white rant that likely made her MSNBC executives very proud. Reid then interviewed two other anti-white racists to talk about how the media “doesn’t care” about missing black people.

In short, “yeah this death was bad…but what about people of color?”. Yes, really.

The reality is there’s some truth to what Reid said. White women going missing get much more media attention than white men or people of either gender among persons of color. There are exceptions, of course, but the phenomenon is real.

However, Reid’s framing of the story is horrendous because it misses one extraordinarily important point. According to Jennifer Oliver O’Connell from RedState:

Reid is not wrong. I have never understood why, when a white female goes missing, it’s wall-to-wall coverage. However, when a Black or Hispanic female goes missing, the coverage is less frenzied, more measured, and exits the news cycle within days.

Reid re-coins the late journalist Gwen Ifill’s term, “Missing White Woman Syndrome”, then finished her introduction to bring on representatives from the Black and Missing Foundation, and Not Our Native Daughters Foundation to discuss this “syndrome”, while calling out the media on its hyper focus with missing women of a certain race.

In this, Reid fails to address the elephant in the room. Herself. Hello, Joy?! YOU ARE THE MEDIA! You are one of the few Black female hosts of her own news show. One would think that a person with Reid’s platform could use it to highlight the plight of missing Black women and girls, and make it a more credible and consistent focus, where the other media outlets do not.

When a journalist complains about media coverage while participating in the same practices she pans, that’s called hypocrisy. Throw in race-baiting and a bit of unhinged MSNBC Host Syndrome and you have Joy Reid.