MSM, Big Tech 'Defend' Bill Gates by Admitting He Wants Vaccines to Sterilize the Serfs

MSM, Big Tech Attempts to ‘Defend’ Depopulationist Bill Gates by Admitting He Wants Vaccines to Sterilize the Serfs

Billionaire authoritarian Bill Gates owns tons of farmland. He’s a leader in the climate change hysteria movement. His foundation is responsible for injecting experimental drugs into tens of millions of unsuspecting people he claims to be helping. His tentacles spread across the globe, and that’s not all he seems to be spreading. If anyone wants to say anything bad about this “philanthropist,” they’ll have to get past mainstream media and Big Tech first.

In the latest comical episode of “How to Defend the Globalist Billionaire,” the arbiters of truth took exception to claims that Gates wants to depopulate the world by injecting all of us who are not among his elites with drugs that will kill us. That’s not true, according to Big Tech and MSM. He didn’t say in a 2010 TED Talk that he wanted us to die. He just wants us to be sterile to stop population growth. He’s the hero of the world!

Here’s how they’re framing it on a trending Twitter topic that might as well have been a sponsored post by the Gates Foundation:

Bill Gates Population Control

What you need to know (rather, what Big Tech and mainstream media think you need to know):

  • Gates said in a 2010 TED Talk “Innovating to zero!” that improving public health using vaccinations can reduce unsustainable population growth, and with it, lower carbon emissions.
  • Gates was referring to the reduction of population growth, not the reduction of the population by 10 or 15%, reports Reuters.
  • “The billionaire philanthropist has spoken about the benefits of slowing the rate of population growth, but he has not advocated killing people.” — The Associated Press

Some will argue that population growth is a major concern in the world. This is not true. A combination of population density in certain areas and food/water/medical infrastructure that is geared towards government control rather than private philanthropic efforts are the real problems. It is neither the responsibility nor the right of governments or billionaire globalists to determine how to prevent others from being able to reproduce.

They’re painting Gates as a humanitarian by hiding what he and others are actually promoting: Eugenics, genocide, and medical tyranny.

Bill Gates isn’t trying to kill everyone, according to the “fact-checkers.” He just wants to keep anyone other than his fellow globalist elites from having children. And by their standards, he should be praised for his genocidal efforts.