Sophia Kianni

Move Over Greta: The United Nations Makes 20-Year-Old Instagram Influencer Their Official Climate Change Advisor

Sophia Kianni has become the youngest official United Nations advisor at the age of 20. The self-proclaimed “Gen Z Climate Activist” was a hit at COP27, the climate change conference where hundreds of important people fly their private jets to scold the rest of us about the environment.

As she noted on Twitter, “You can be an advisor to the head of the United Nations and still wear a cute outfit!”

Reactions to her announcement of her new role were not glowing. Many of them cannot be posted because they are a bit too off-color.

She met with John Kerry.

As Jon Robberson noted, there aren’t enough on the right who are stepping up as the counterpunch to the left’s attacks though the rapidly emerging GenZ crowd.

By her own reckoning, leftist activism can be chic.

Here’s a segment of her speech this year at COP27:

Greta Thunberg is so 2018. Sophia Kianni is the radical left’s new rising star. Don’t be shocked to see her being asked to speak at every climate change event for the foreseeable future.

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