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Move Over, Fox News: NewsNation Does Real Reporting of Bribery Biden’s Border Crisis

Is NewsNation truly unbiased as they claim? Frankly, I don’t know. I haven’t paid much attention to them. But a Tweet that came across my desk reveals a story that would never have made it on ABC, CNN, MSNBC, or any of the left-wing corporate outlets.

The video in the report is awful. Hopefully they got better footage to put on their channel. It’s clear the members of the NGOs helping to smuggle illegal aliens into the nation didn’t want any of their actions reported.

Video notwithstanding, the actual story being told by Correspondent Ali Bradley is very telling. Here’s her Tweet:

AZ: Overwhelmed in the Tucson Sector… For the first time, migrants were released by Border Patrol Agents at the Casa Grande Station in Pinal County—And they weren’t given a court date but rather are expected to show up to an immigration office within 60-90 days.

55 people mostly from Ecuador were transported north to Phoenix yesterday afternoon where they were eventually greeted by members of @RESCUEorg—A supervisor of the “Welcome Center” literally blocked our @NewsNation camera while we were standing on public property.

We were trying to ask questions but they declined to speak with us at the location.

Sources tell me migrants who have been processed will be released daily from that station and if available, the NGO will receive/transport them. You’ll recall this is happening down in Cochise County as well, and migrants are being transported to Tucson so they can continue their journey to their final destination.

Both of the NGOs are receiving federal funding/grants which is taxpayer $$.

This all comes as the Tucson Sector is currently asking other sectors for volunteers to help process/transport.

@DHSgov says people who cross irregularly between ports do not qualify for asylum and are subject to removal under Title 8 as there is a legal pathway at the ports of entry through the #CBPone App— 1,450 migrants are coming through daily.

Whatever you think is happening at the border, however bad you think it is, the reality is likely far worse. As many of us search for big-network-level reporting that is not coming from Fox News or the other Murdoch properties, it’s good to see stories like this coming out.

When they hired Chris Cuomo last year, it was the first I’d heard of NewsNation and I never gave them a second look. Perhaps my judgment was premature. We’ll see. Judging by their YouTube channel, it appears I need to give them a closer look.

Unbiased? Yes, Please!

As someone who has worked with multiple news agencies over the decades, my preference is for unbiased reporting. It’s so rare today and I’ve made the case that we need right-leaning news sources like One America News and Right Side Broadcasting Network to counterbalance the radical leftist control of the news cycle.

It’s one thing to support conservative commentators like Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, and Glenn Beck. But when it comes to straight up news reporting, my preference would be to have it simply reported. Moreover, story selection is everything when it comes to what’s considered “news.” It’s telling that this week the coming third indictment of President Trump overshadowed the bombshell revelations against the Biden Crime Family by a huge margin on corporate media.

I don’t know enough about NewsNation to tell if they are less biased than other networks. But with this story being reported about the border crisis, I’ll be watching more closely. Whether you have watched NewsNation or not, please leave your thoughts in the comments on my Substack.