Mother’s Day Is Coming: Get Two Dozen Roses Sent Right To Her Door (At A Huge Discount)

With Mother’s Day coming on May 8th, there’s an easy way to make her happy:

Click here to get a set of two dozen long-stem roses at a huge discount (ordering through this link and the links below benefits The Liberty Daily)
— Set up delivery so they arrive on a few days before Mother’s Day
— Sit back and enjoy her saying “thank you!” and “they’re beautiful!” over and over again

If you go to major online floral delivery companies, two dozen long-stem red roses will cost you $145. And if you go to a local florist, they could cost even more.

Instead, get two dozen long-stem red roses from Rose Farmers for a huge discount off their normal $117.64 price tag.

For a limited time, they’re only $64.99.

That’s better than half price compared to a major online floral delivery company.

Plus, there’s another bonus: she’ll get a custom glass vase to show off the roses.

The flowers will arrive from Rose Farmers™ — the freshest roses direct from the farm. Through their premier collection, they bring roses of unparalleled beauty and elegance.

People are saying about Rose Farmer’s roses:

“I’ve actually never seen such perfectly perfect roses in my life. They last for such a long time too! I don’t think you will ever have a negative review. This business has perfected their product and delivery to a ‘T’. Well done.” – Tina

“The quality of their roses is incredible; they are packaged very well, enough to last in the box and in your home. I cannot say enough about their beauty.” – KP

“I have sent 10+ people roses from Rose Farmers, and they were all so pleased!!! They are without a doubt the most beautiful roses I have ever seen, and I am 62 and have sent and received alot of roses!!!” – Theresa

When anyone asks her what you got her for Mother’s Day, she’ll say, “The most beautiful roses you’ve ever seen!”

And you’ll love that you did it all with a few clicks on the computer.

Plus, you’ll love:

— Free delivery to continental US 48 states
— No lining up in a flower shop to find picked-over flowers at exorbitant costs
— A look of admiration from the mother in your life

Here’s how it works:
— Click on this link to go to the discount page.
— Select the 24 long-stem red rose + custom colors package
— You’ll get a digital voucher for the discounted price and instructions for setting up delivery

In just a few clicks, you’ll be all set for Mother’s Day.

Click here now to be ahead of the game.

She’ll know you were thinking of her for Mother’s Day!