Mark Finchem

Most Republican Candidates Giving Up After Massive Voter Fraud, But Mark Finchem Isn’t

The 2022 elections were stolen. The “red tsunami” didn’t happen, and despite excuses being thrown out by conservative personalities across the right-leaning spectrum, many of us are certain that an unprecedented massive leftward shift from what the polls were showing didn’t actually happen.

Nevertheless, nearly every Republican candidate is taking the “high road” of either accepting that voter fraud won’t be discovered or refuse to acknowledge it even happened. One candidate is not. Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem isn’t ready to concede.

I have not conceded. We all know why. That is all.

Earlier, he had posted an example of the mechanisms behind the stolen Arizona elections:

And this:

Considering the abuse those who opposed the stolen 2020 election took, it’s understandable that few are fighting back. But they must. We must. Accepting a stolen election when you know it was rigged is as bad as doing the rigging.