Colorado Supreme Court

‘Most Important Case Ever’: Supremes Given Evidence of 3 Serious Blunders by Colorado

(WND)—The American Center for Law and Justice, representing the Colorado Republican Party, already has delivered to the U.S. Supreme Court evidence of three big blunders committed by four Democrats on the Colorado Supreme Court, who claimed that they could ban President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential primary ballot.

They made that ruling only last week based on their decision to abandon due process and consider that Trump was guilty of “insurrection” because of what rioters did at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

In fact, he’s not even been charged with any crime of “insurrection,” and when Democrats in Congress made that claim, he was acquitted in the Senate.

The ACLJ said its petition for certiorari has been filed requesting the justices overturn the state court’s “dangerously flawed twisting of the 14th Amendment.”

“This is so much more than one primary in one state – this is the greatest election interference case in U.S. history and represents a grave attack on millions of Americans’ fundamental right to vote,” the legal team explained.

The lawyers explained the three blunders:

  1. “The president is not an officer of the United States covered within the disqualification provision of Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment.”
  2. “Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment is not a self-executing authority for state courts and litigants to use as a sword against presidential candidates.”
  3. “The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision violates the Colorado Republican Party’s First Amendment associational right to choose its own political candidates.”

The legal team also asked for a hurry-up schedule, “due to the urgent nature of this case.”

It said, “The drastic effects of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision on the 2024 primary election necessitate this Court’s immediate review, during this current term. The prompt hearing of this case is necessary to prevent the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision from having an irreparable effect on the electoral process.”

The filing also automatically stopped the state court’s ruling.

The ACLJ explained, “The Constitution, our system of democratic elections in our constitutional republic, the right of a party to designate its candidates of choice for its members, due process – and, ultimately, the voters’ right to choose who they vote for are all under assault.

“This is the most important case we have ever taken on. Because if we lose our right to vote, we lose our constitutional republic.”

The Colorado court already had been known for its extravagantly flawed decisions, like when it condemned Christian baker Jack Phillips to be punished for not violating his faith by promoting the LGBT lifestyle choices.

The Supreme Court publicly rebuked the state, at that time, for its “hostility” to Christianity, and a similar rebuke is expected from the high court to the state in this case.

The ACLJ explained the politicized ruling from a weaponized Democrat court is “one of the biggest constitutional crises of modern history.”

Critics of the Colorado decision point out that it’s just part of the “lawfare” being waged by Democrats all across the country, apparently because of their fear of Trump himself.

They’re also trying to pursue him on multiple criminal cases, which analysts have described as being on shaky foundations.

Their goal appears to be to keep voters from voting for him, a move that GOP members have described as itself being the threat to the constitutional republic that the U.S. is.

Multiple courts already have rejected the same “disqualified” claims that were endorsed by the all-Democrat Colorado court.

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