More Proof the _Vaccines_ Are a Scam_ 99% VAXXED Middlebury College Locks Down All Classes Over Covid Surge

More Proof the “Vaccines” Are a Scam: 99% VAXXED Middlebury College Locks Down All Classes Over Covid Surge

“Science” is defined as “the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.”

If we apply this definition to a scientific exploration of 99% “fully vaccinated” Middlebury College’s current Covid-19 surge, the only logical and truly scientific conclusion one can come to is that the Covid-19 vaccines do not stop or even slow the spread of the disease. This conclusion matches what we’ve seen in a plethora of examples across the globe. Wherever vaccine levels are the highest, so too are Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The case of Middlebury College is extremely compelling as evidence of this conclusion because of the extreme vaccination rate. Nearly every man, woman, and child who steps foot on college grounds has received their full regimen of Covid jabs with many of them being “triple-vaxxed.” Despite these measures, the school is experiencing a surge so rampant, all classes have been moved online and students are being encouraged to leave campus as soon as possible.

Think about that last part for a minute. The school believes their students will be safer if they go anywhere other than the most heavily vaccinated place in the nation.

The science in this situation is clear. The vaccines aren’t working. But science no longer controls the narrative and some would argue that it never did. The vaccines are purely political tools wielded by authoritarians in and out of government who realize there are enough indoctrinated Americans to perpetuate their lies even in the face of unambiguously abysmal results.

This has become a self-perpetuating phenomenon. The powers-that-be were able to get so many people to willfully accept the experimental jabs into their arms that they know most will adhere to their confirmation bias that tells them it’s working. They were then fed garbage about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” to help them suspend disbelief in the poorness of their decision to get injected. Nobody wants to feel stupid, conned, or both. They would rather spread the stupidity and expend the con by getting others to fall for it.

To do this, they have to convince others that there’s nothing amiss about a campus that is 99% fully vaccinated going through an “inexplicable” surge in cases. Except… they don’t have to convince people of that. Why? Because Big Pharma’s proxies in mainstream media will not allow the Middlebury College story to be reported on and the other Big Pharma minions in Big Tech will not allow the few stories written about it to be spread.

According to The College Fix:

Vermont’s Middlebury College returned to virtual instruction for the rest of the fall semester due to over 30 new reported cases of COVID-19 on campus. This means all final exams will be administered remotely.

The school sent out a campus-wide announcement the evening of December 9 noting the new cases bring Middlebury’s COVID total to 50. It said contact tracing has been initiated and that all further in-person events have been postponed.

50 might not sound like a lot until we consider the size of the college. There are fewer than 3,000 undergrads enrolled and we can assume a large percentage of those were already studying remotely off-campus. That means this current surge represents a higher percentage of their population than other spikes that get much more media attention. With a 99% vaxxed population, corporate media doesn’t want to touch this story with a 6-ft social distancing pole.

I feel like a broken record asking readers to share these stories with family and friends who need the facts. But we must keep going. The more people we pull out of the world of the brainwashed, the easier it will be to fight the powers-that-be.