More Mandates Inbound_ FDA to Approve Pfizer Vaccine Next Week

More Mandates Inbound: FDA to Approve Pfizer Vaccine Next Week

The Covid-19 “vaccines” are so ineffective, they’re already starting the first round of “booster shots” in a futile attempt to make them do what we were all told they would do. But our ever-so-bold authoritarian regime isn’t daunted by facts. They’re planning on giving full FDA-approval for the Pfizer injections next week.

According to Axios:

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to grant full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine early next week, sources told Axios on Friday. It would be the first COVID-19 shot to receive full authorization from the federal government.

A full approval could help boost vaccination efforts, as many Americans have been hesitant to get inoculated with shots that were only authorized for emergency use.

The U.S. is currently battling a resurgence of the virus, driven by the more contagious Delta variant. The Biden administration said earlier this week that fully vaccinated Americans should expect to be offered a booster shot eight months after getting their second shot starting in September.

“Approving the vaccine and encouraging boosters at the same time may suggest to some that the vaccine as licensed is inadequate without an extra shot,” the New York Times writes.

Vaccine mandates and passports have been initiated by governments and private businesses at an alarming rate in recent weeks. But we can expect the mandates to increase once the Food and Drug Administration approves the shots. Currently, they’re being offered under an Emergency Use Authorization that is fraudulently based on a supposed lack of viable treatments. Ivermectin and other drugs have been demonstrated to be effective as portions of treatments, but the FDA and CDC have conspicuously chosen to ignore these treatments in order to maintain their vaccine push.

With over half of the adult population in the United States fully “vaccinated” and eagerly awaiting a string of booster shots to keep them in line with government demands, it’s imperative patriots unite to prevent the emerging dystopian reality.