Kamala Harris Angry

MORE Illegal Aliens Dumped at Chlamydia Harris’s Home

One of two things is going to happen. Either leftists are going to acknowledge there’s a massive illegal alien problem or the White House is going to have to pull out all stops to quash the narrative.

The latest in a string of drop-offs by Republican governors at the doorsteps of Democrat cities and locations is Kamala Harris’s home… again. According to Fox News:

Around 50 more migrants got off a bus outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, D.C., Saturday. Three more buses also arrived in New York City, as Texas continued to pressure sanctuary cities amid a surge of migrants crossing the southern border.

The D.C. bus carried people mostly from Venezuela, including a one-month-old baby. Aid workers quickly whisked the migrants away to a local shelter. The transports come as the immigration issue has again rocketed to the forefront of national attention after planes carrying migrants arrived in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Governor Greg Abbott may be a RINO, but he’s doing good work on this issue. Keep the buses coming, Governor!