Ray Epps

More Evidence of Ray Epps on January 6th Makes Us Even More Curious Why He’s Walking Free While Others Are Jailed

Either Ray Epps is an informant or agent for the FBI, or the FBI is even more inept than we already know. These are the only conclusions possible after videos resurfaced of Epps participating in actions that have put others in jail following the mostly peaceful protests at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

Here’s a thread by Twitter user Stephen Horn on both Twitter and Telegram that shows everything:

As @FreeStateWill reported on Twitter in December, Ray Epps was one of the members of the crowd who helped lift up a large Trump sign and push it into the line of police officers on the West Side of the Capitol around 1:40 pm

(original video by Just Another Channel and @sav_says)

At least three others who participated in lifting the sign have been charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon for this act (18 U.S.C. § 111(a)(1), and (b)): Marshall Neefe, Sean Michael McHugh, and Thomas Hamner

The criminal complaint for McHugh contains a screenshot from the Just Another Channel video

If it’s a felony for Neefe and McHugh to help push the sign into the police line, shouldn’t it be a felony for Epps as well?

Epps has been seen on other videos calling for people to participate in what the January 6 Unselect Committee and corporate media have labeled as “insurrection.” Hundreds of Americans have been charged, arrested, and kept in jail as political prisoners since then, but Epps has been conspicuously untouched. In fact, he was been heralded by law enforcement and members of the January 6 Unselect Committee as “helpful” with the investigation.

This entire farce has been a miscarriage of justice used by the Deep State and Democrats to keep America First patriots in line. It has served multiple other purposes as well, including attempts to prevent politicians sympathetic to participants in the events from running for future office. That includes President Trump.

Unfortunately, it has been challenging to wake up more Americans to the reality that their government and corporate media are delivering false narratives about January 6 and the aftermath. Ray Epps has been squarely involved from the start. And as he does whatever it is he’s doing as a free man, political prisoners continue to rot in horrible conditions for “crimes” that do not match the punishment they’re receiving.