Monkeypox (1)

Monkeypox: The New World Order Prepares Their Final Attack

The last week of this month is a huge deal for the New World Order. Between the Pandemic Treaty and the Davos Summit for the World Economic Forum, we’re facing the perfect storm in which the globalist elites appear to be preparing the final stage of their depopulation and control plan.

The video below by Greg Reese from Banned Videos and Infowars gives a brief overview of what’s happening around the globe in the next fateful week. It’s definitely worth a quick watch, but perhaps more importantly it needs to be shared with those who may not be aware of everything that’s happening.

The appetite for learning more about the plans of the globalist elites is growing. Anecdotally, I’ve found some friends and family coming to me for more information. These are often the same people who scorned me as recently as last year for telling them the jabs were neither safe nor effective. These are also the same people who, until very recently, trusted government, corporate media, and those who “debunk” conspiracy theories.

Today, almost all of them are asking questions. Many are still skeptical but they’re more open-minded than they were just a few months ago. The reason I’m mentioning this anecdote is that I know I’m not alone. Perhaps you have never been very vocal out of concern over ridicule. Perhaps you’ve tried to be vocal but your friends and family wouldn’t listen. Today, it’s much more likely that they’ll hear you if you give it another shot. Most won’t come out and tell you they’re more receptive than in the past, but they’re at home quietly reading Infowars, NOQ Report, and stories on The Liberty Daily.

We need as many allies as possible because when the moves are finally made, the more aware people there are in America the better. I don’t know if monkeypox is a fearmongering scam or a bioweapon worse than Covid. All I know is that there has never been a more perfectly timed release of a scary disease. Even Covid itself popped up a little later than the powers-that-be would have liked.

Stay frosty and spread the word.