Lindsey Graham

Miranda Devine Reminds Us Lindsey Graham Is Still a Biden-Loving Cuck

Joe Biden got bribed. His entire crime family has been involved. The question isn’t whether or not he did. The only questions that need answered are how many times, how much, and by whom.

Despite this, RINO Lindsey Graham continues to support his UniParty Swamp pal, as NY Post Columnist Miranda Devine reminded us.

“I have known President Biden probably for 25 years. I like him, I respect him, I disagree with him more times than not, but if you ask me, ‘Is Joe Biden the type of guy who would take a $5 million bribe,’ my answer is, based on my experience, no,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said at a Judiciary Committee business meeting in June.

There really is no way to hold the Biden Crime Family accountable without Republicans unifying on the subject. With RINOs like Graham, that’s unfortunately never going to happen.