Baseball Vaccine Mandate

MiLB Coaches, Staff Get “No Jab No Job” Mandate, But Players Are Protected by Their Union

Medical tyranny is medical tyranny regardless of who it’s against. Most passed over a recent story about a Minor League Baseball mandate for coaches and staff to get jabbed in order to keep their jobs. But just because they’re not in the “big leagues” doesn’t mean their oppression should be ignored.

Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck highlighted the medical tyranny on his popular Twitter account:

According to a petition to stop the mandate:

MLB recently issued a vaccine mandate that all MiLB coaches, trainers, and on-field staff must be vaccinated (including ongoing boosters for previously vaccinated staff) prior to 2022 Spring Training. The minor league players retain the right to medical freedom and have the choice to receive the vaccine. These coaches are in the same dugouts, same clubhouses, and on the same outdoor baseball fields as the players that have the choice to remain unvaccinated.

This mandate impacts many careers, families and lives. Dreams will be destroyed. Families will be left scrambling for a paycheck. Health insurance will be lost. People and families will be broken. They have an average American salary and not large bank accounts to fall back on.

Our minor league staff work extremely hard every single day. They have followed every safety protocol the last 2 years include testing multiple times per week. They have done satellite camps, longer days, and extra work to support the safety protocols so that baseball seasons could even occur at both the major league and minor league level.

Our coaches are being bullied and targeted as they are unprotected by a union. They have been safe to be used for business by MLB for the 2020 and 2021 seasons and suddenly they need to be removed from the game and their careers if they don’t vaccinate for the 2022 season.

We support minor league staff maintaining their right to have deeply held beliefs regarding what goes in their body, whether it is a religious conviction or medical reason. Adverse employment action should not be taken against our coaches for these beliefs.

If this mandate were made on big league coaches and staff, it would have received more coverage. If anything, those in the minor leagues will be more affected by this oppression because they do not make the huge salaries of MLB coaches. This tyranny must be exposed.