Inslee Pence

Mike Pence Is So Weak, Even Despotic Democrat Dictator Jaydolph Insleeze Is Commending Him

You can tell a lot about someone by their allies. When members of opposite political parties in today’s polarized society speak nicely of each other, it’s practically an endorsement. It has to be because of the social media backlash they and their donors receive. When a Democrat gives kudos to a Republican or visa versa, the knives come out from the base on both sides.

This is why it’s so telling that Washington Governor Jay Inslee paid former VP and perpetual RINO Mike Pence a random compliment:

Even though I disagree with Mike Pence 90% of the time, his resolute performance on January 6, 2021 in the face of tremendous, and illegal, pressure deserves being honored by all Americans, of every stripe, who treasure the blessings of democracy.

Nothing that comes from the Communist offices of Governor Inslee happens without a reason. With the J6 Committee fully engaged in their witch hunt, Pence is at the center of it and not for the side of freedom. The Uniparty is trying to nail Donald Trump and anyone else they can attach to him to the political cross of manufactured crimes.

It may be none of Inslee’s business, but that may be the point. Compliments from anyone too close to the action in DC would be seen as politically motivated. Coming from Inslee who has no real skin in the game makes it a more powerful piece of propaganda they can use to prop up Pence and trash Trump.