Mike Pence

Mike Pence Goes Full Warmonger by Recommending Moves That Would Start WWIII

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is arguably the most divisive issue for Republicans in years with the possible exception of 2020 election fraud. Just as with deciding whether to believe the 2020 election was stolen, Republicans find themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum from each other over what we should do about Ukraine, if anything.

Former VP Mike Pence came out swinging as an agent for the warmongering wing of the GOP. He recommended we should give Ukraine fighter jets and missile systems, plus fly humanitarian aid into the warzone. The first two would clearly be factors in pushing Russia to attack NATO and therefore start a new world war. The last recommendation, humanitarian aid airdrops, is actually another ploy to get us involved in the war. How? Because if (when) Russia shoots down one of those aircraft for fear that they’re supplying weapons to the Ukrainians, America will enter the conflict and WWIII will begin.

Pence knows this. He just hopes conscientious Americans who desperately want to help the Ukrainian people won’t recognize the implications of such an action. Here’s what he said on Fox & Friends according to Trending Politics:

“We need a Berlin Airlift for the 21st century. We need to marshal the resources of the free world and make sure that the beleaguered people of Ukraine suffering under this invasion have the food and the water, and the medicine they need to prevail.

“My wife, Karen, and I were in Poland two weeks ago. We went to the border and went into Ukraine with Franklin Graham and we saw the incredible heartbreaking images of women and children by the thousands coming across the border.”

It all sounds reasonable and in many ways pure, a technique Pence has mastered over the years. His opening was to invoke a popular and successful operation from WWII before mentioning a unified world lending a hand. Of course, he didn’t mention that the logistics of an airlift in today’s world is far different with surface-to-air missiles that weren’t an issue in the 1940s.

He made sure to insert a mention of his bravery by entering a warzone (though one might question why he would bring his wife into the warzone with him), namedropped a popular pastor, then pulled on heartstrings by invoking “women and children” who are suffering. With the audience enthralled by his humanitarian argument, he turned to warmongering:

“They’ve got pilots in Ukraine that know how to fly [the Polish MiG 29s]. But just as important, we need to continue to provide the kind of ground-based anti-aircraft systems that can take out Russian aircraft that are doing the high stratosphere bombing.

“We’ve got to give them the tools to be able to defend themselves. We’ve got to isolate Russia even more than was announced today, and we need to launch that massive Western humanitarian effort for the people of Ukraine. That’s the pathway to victory.

“[…]Right now what we ought to be doing is redoubling our effort to give President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian military everything they need to defend themselves. We need to continue to increase economic pressure.”

Lest we forget, this is a regional conflict. Pence kept saying “we’ve got to” do this and “we’ve got to” do that, but do we really? The same types of words were echoed by warmongering snakes before the Korean War, Vietnam War, both invasions of Iraq, and Afghanistan. The difference between those debacles and the debacle that Pence and other warmongers are pushing is that this one will not just result in waste and embarrassment. This one will result in the greatest death toll in human history in a move that will fundamentally change the world forever.

Those pushing for actions that will incite WWIII should not be getting airtime. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what corporate media is doing. They are so aligned with the globalist agenda to pull the United States into war with Russia that people like Pence are spreading their propaganda almost universally.

We are all angry, saddened, and frustrated over what’s happening in Ukraine. We all want relief for the innocent people caught in a deadly geopolitical game. But let’s not use our feelings as an excuse to do exponentially more harm.