Mike Lindell’s Dr. Seuss Homage — “Welcome To MyPillowville Where Everyone Sleeps…”

Mike Lindell has been attacked by the Left for standing against their corruption.

They’ve hassled his bank, sued him, and even taken his phone.

But Mike keeps going – and does everything with a sense of humor.

He’s a happy warrior!

If you need a laugh, Mike put together a video showcasing the wonderful MyPillow bedding in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Watch here:

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As Mike says in the video:

“Welcome to MyPillowville where everyone sleeps on the pillows that align and the softest of sheets. With the support of the mattress topper, the people snooze deep and wake up well-rested, and their deadlines they keep. So if your bed feels like rocks and your sheets feel like Brillo. You need better sleep, which means you need MyPillow. So what are you waiting for?”

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