Mike Lindell Responds to The Latest Media Attack After MyPillow Puts Up Old Equipment for Auction

MyPillow was dropped from lots of big box stores after Mike Lindell raised questions about the 2020 election.

Instead of shutting his business, Mike started working more closely with sites like ours to get MyPillow products directly to people — and save people more money (check out the TLD discounts page at MyPillow.com by clicking here – you’ll get up to 66% off and benefit The Liberty Daily).

Now, MyPillow has put up for auction some of the equipment used for packaging products for the big box stores – two years after MyPillow was canceled.

The media used the auction to attack Mike and MyPillow.

Watch Mike talk about it here (partial transcript below):

From the video:

“This is the biggest lie in history they just told you. I’ve spent the last three hours on the phone with reporters calling me because they think they got dirt on MyPillow. WCCO, shame on them — they’re a local. Them, the Minneapolis Star and Tribune called me — all this suppression. They sit there . . .  another attack: “MyPillow lost this money.” Let’s start there…”

Mike goes to explain that MyPillow wasn’t involved in one of the situations the media describes – it was a different organization: Lindell Management.

And according to Mike, the equipment put up for auction is related to the packaging needed for big box retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond (which recently went bankrupt).

Here’s what one Twitter user said after looking at the auction site:

Why is the media attacking Mike and MyPillow?

Maybe it’s because Mike is funding an election integrity summit soon.

Maybe the media doesn’t want Mike talking about election issues — could that be it?

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