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Mike Lindell has been vindicated by the Arizona audit. 

All the work he’s been doing to investigate the 2020 election shows that he’s right: There was fraud.

For this, Leftists have targeted retail chains that sold products.

Kohls and Bed, Bath and Beyond removed his products.

We wanted to help Mike out, so Mike has made available to The Liberty Daily readers a special discount code to use at TLD.

Put TLD in the “promo code” box at and you can get up to 66% off, plus The Liberty Daily will benefit from the purchase. has much more than pillows.

There are also beautiful Giza bedsheets (back in stock and 50% off!):

Here’s what customers had to say:

– “Best sheets I’ve ever slept in. Ordering my 3rd set. Will never buy any other sheets. Perfect thickness. Silky soft and cool feeling.”

– “Best sheets we’ve ever had. An incredible price – they don’t break your wallet. After about 10 washes is when you really notice the difference. The first time is great, but the more you use them and wash them the better they get. They always have a cool, crisp feeling. You never get overheated. The softest thing I’ve ever experienced here in Central Virginia where the humidity gets ungodly in the summer. It’s very nice to get into a cool crisp sheets at night.”

– “I LOVE these sheets. The best I have ever slept on and they fit the mattress so well. I have 2 sets but hope to buy more. You won’t regret buying these sheets.”

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Plus, Mike introduced a new product recently — MySlippers!

Mike says: “When I created my new MySlippers I wanted it to have everything you could need in a slipper. I wanted a slipper that was more comfortable than anything before it but also durable enough to wear all day, indoors and outdoors. That’s why I developed an exclusive 3-tier cushioning system that combines two layers of foam with a patented impact gel to keep you from wanting to ever take them off. But I didn’t stop there, I finished my MySlippers with beautiful leather suede, cozy faux fur linings and an indoor/outdoor sole. I guarantee these will be the most comfortable slippers you’ll ever own!”

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Now Mike has opened up a new opportunity.

You can buy patriotic art and much more on his site.

Here’s a beautiful item from Metal Art of Wisconsin – now 30% off:

– Laser cut and polished 16 gauge American Steel (very strong)
– Hand Baked and Colored for decades of protection
– 100% American Made
– 100% Hand Finished
– 100% Patriotic

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