Mike Lindell Confronted The Fake News Media At President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Announcement (VIDEO)

At President Trump’s historic 2024 presidential announcement at Mar-a-Lago, Mike Lindell was there.

The media wanted to talk to him, so Mike talked back to them about the stolen election and paper ballots.

Here’s Mike’s account of what happened (transcript below):

Live from Mar-a-Lago pic.twitter.com/WVCNZ1Lf4S

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) November 16, 2022

From the video:

“Here we are live at Mar-a-Lago – look at all the fake news from all around the world. I just had a ball with them, talking to almost all of them . . . very exciting here and I’m in my element with all the fake news doing interviews. And the main thing is what? Melt down the machines and turn them into prison bars. It’s been pretty amazing – they’ve all listened. Now, we’ll see if they print these things about our stolen midterm elections and primaries – everything that was taken from us. It’s funny because I was talking to a lot of them from overseas – one of them is in London and . . . they told me they do paper ballots, hand-counted, and they don’t have any problems. I said, ‘Wow – what a concept. The rest of you journalists should start printing what we have to do to save our country.'”

What a happy warrior!

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