Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson: Victim of Stockholm Syndrome?

(WND)—In the congressional football game between the American Patriots and the Globalists, the AmPats had pulled the failed McCarthy and replaced him with new QB Mike Johnson on whom they now pinned their hopes for a safer America.

They were gobsmacked when on the first snap from center, Johnson tucked the football under his arm and sprinted to the AmPats own goal line, scoring a touchdown for the Globalists and exchanging high five’s with Globalist QB Chuck Schumer. Some wept, some screamed in rage, some simply sat in stunned silence trying to process the enormity of the betrayal.

Many conservatives enthusiastically applauded when Mike Johnson was elevated to speaker of the House. It seemed logical given his conservative voting record and often incisive questioning of witnesses in congressional hearings. He talks about the Bible and his faith a lot, so it seemed a given that as speaker he would embrace the biblical principle that if you don’t care for your own you are no better than an infidel. Surely, it was assumed, Mike would resolutely demand security for the American people before he would permit one dollar to go to foreign adventures.

These patriotic folks were mind-blown when Johnson did just the opposite, holding hands with Senate Majority Leader Schumer as together they sent $60 billion more abroad while doing nothing to keep Americans safe from the hoards of terrorists, Chinese military-age men, deadly fentanyl, child traffickers, sex traffickers and diseases not seen in many years pouring across the border. These illegal aliens are driving up real estate prices and taking jobs by working for dirt cheap wages citizens can’t afford to work for because they don’t get free housing, medical care, food and everything else handed to them by government, overwhelming the social safety net.

What happened to Johnson? Stockholm Syndrome? Fear of what happens to politicians great or small who don’t play for the globalist team? Whatever triggered it, the former conservative had an epiphany that helped him understand that his responsibility is not to the American people but to the world globalist agenda. Like Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue,” he “come away with a different point of view,” suddenly perceiving the big picture that America’s mandate is to serve the globalist agenda “uber alles” – and since there isn’t enough money to both pay the pensions of Ukrainian apparatchiks and secure our own border, the safety of Americans must be sacrificed.

Speaker Johnson says he supports forever Ukraine aid because “I don’t believe Putin will stop there.” And he knows this how? Wasn’t it Zelensky who bragged the war would end with Ukrainian tanks in Red Square?

And what if Putin doesn’t stop with Ukraine? How about we let the wealthy, nuclear armed nations of Western Europe pony up the money to defend themselves? What a novel concept!

Ukraine is a thugocracy run by a perverted, grifting, drag-queen globalist puppet in a junkyard dog fight with another thugocracy. There is no freedom in Ukraine: Churches are outlawed, opponents jailed … on and on – anything but a democracy. This is the Hatfields and McCoys of Eastern Europe and none of our business. It’s Vietnam and Afghanistan all over again and will end in the same way – or worse yet, in World War III.

After years of lying that Ukraine is “putting the wood” to Russia, SecDef Lloyd Austin just admitted Ukraine is losing, and of course he wants to send in military “advisers” to turn the failing war around. That’s exactly how the Vietnam War ramped up, with “advisers” morphing into over 500,000 troops, ultimately resulting in 58,000 Americans dead by its ignominious end. President Lyndon Johnson knew the Vietnam effort was failing and lamented that he couldn’t see what we could hope to get out of it, but also couldn’t see how to get out of it, given his political capital invested and lies told. Biden now faces the same dilemma.

No matter, small price to pay to weaken the hated Putin. What with Ukrainians doing the dying and U.S. defense contractors getting rich, bioweapons labs protected and the Biden family’s personal moneymaking fiefdom preserved, it looks like a win-win to the lords of war in the State Department. Viktor Bout, move over.

Put all the lipstick you want on the current Johnson’s unwillingness to secure our own borders with high-minded gassing about our responsibility to be world policeman, but the fact remains he sent billions for Ukraine’s war effort while doing nothing to secure our own border.

The new darling of the left is feted as a hero by many Uniparty members on both sides of the aisle, yet for those who believe Americans should be first, there are many things you can call Mike Johnson, but hero is not one of them.

Paul Blanchfield is a real estate developer and writer on spiritual, geopolitical and cultural issues.

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