Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson Gets BUSTED by Brilliant Democrat Investigators . . . Or So They Thought

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson isn’t rich. He’s the rare DC lawmaker who isn’t swimming in the spoils of corruption. Democrats have tried every angle to bust him on his lack of riches, going so far as to say we shouldn’t trust him because he hasn’t make millions off of a $200K salary the way most in Congress have.

The latest attempt to prove he’s a liar and generally bad person came from a much-ballyhooed Twitter “investigation” in which Democrat Carlos Turnbull discovered Johnson wears an $18,000 Rolex. Except he doesn’t.

The post has had over a million views. Hopefully some of those people viewing it noticed the Community Notes added to the post:

Carlos Turnbull

As the Community Notes says, that’s not an $18,000 Rolex on Johnson’s wrist. It’s a $50 Fossil. Oops.

Speaker Johnson has a large enough hill to climb as he tries to balance running the broken House of Representatives while still staying true to his conservative principles. With idiots like Carlos Turnbull smearing him, his job is even harder.