Mike Cernovich Warns They'll Come for Conservatives' Kids Next

Mike Cernovich Warns They’ll Come for Conservatives’ Kids Next

The expansion of Covid tyranny across our nation has caused the subsequent reduction of freedoms. Freedom and tyranny are natural enemies and as one rises, the other falls. But our current situation is far worse than anything this nation has faced in modern history. Not only is tyranny spreading. It’s being supported by an unfathomable number of Americans who see this as an opportunity to disenfranchise their ideological enemies.

Part of the campaign to put us under total authoritarian rule is to target children. They have already forced face mask mandates. They’re pushing vaccines for children who are not generally susceptible to the disease. They’ve promoted Critical Race Theory while banning the wrongthink taught to children by conservative parents. And as political commentator Mike Cernovich noted, things are likely going to get much worse in the near future. As he posted on Twitter:

Next will be taking away conservatives kids. “Psychologists” will treat dissent from state orthodoxy as a mental illness. That’s how the Soviets did it. “According to the science, you’re an unfit parent.” None of my predictions require imagination. Communists have same playbook.

In the post-truth society the tyrants are building in America, conservative principles will become grounds for taking our children away from us. This isn’t new, as Cernovich noted. The Communists have done this for decades.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.