Microsoft Goes Full-Woke

Microsoft Goes Full-Woke

George Orwell determined that if you want to control the people, you must first control the language. We’ve seen this in action in America for decades as Cultural Marxists started by making things “politically incorrect,” then advanced little by little until we got to the current manifestation in a post-truth society.

What we have today is a manufactured outrage over innocuous phrases that have been deemed offensive by the tiny minority in the “woke” camp. People really aren’t offended by terms like “mankind” or “Black Friday,” but by golly the woke have made demands and far too many in both government and corporate America have complied.

The latest example is Microsoft. The mega-corporation has been under the radar compared to other similar countries that have gone full-blow-woke in recent years, but their latest move with the popular Microsoft Word software brings them up to speed with their peers. Here’s Fox News host Brian Kilmeade discussing it with Vivek Ramaswamy, author of “WOKE, INC.“:

The planned destruction of America by the Neo-Marxists begins by forming ways to isolate individuals for targeting. These people, often patriots, conservatives, and Christians, are being ushered into a classification that the Neo-Marxists hope will allow them to be easily identifiable and eventually eliminated. Controlling language is a matter of compliance; those who do not adopt the woke ideology are easiest to spot based on what they say and what they allow to offend them.

It’s getting more and more difficult for sane Americans to find companies that do not bow to the woke revolutionaries on the far left. They have no real power other than gaslighting, but unfortunately corporations like Microsoft willingly comply.