Tyre Nichols Arrest Videos Released and Memphis Will Burn

Timing is everything. Usually when news is dropped just before the weekend, it’s intended to be buried because many news outlets run with skeleton crews or even shut down for the weekend. People are busy doing whatever they do with their time off rather than paying attention to the daily news grind.

However, there are certain circumstances when pre-weekend releases are intended to spark a very different type of response. In the case of the release of the Tyre Nichols arrest video, the intention by the leftists collaborating at every level is to set Memphis and other cities across the country on fire this weekend.

That’s likely not the intention of Memphis Police who have been convinced that a pre-weekend release will draw down violent protests. But they’re being manipulated by those who know the release could spark another round of sustained rioting similar to the George Floyd riots of 2020. Unfortunately, much of the push is being done by the known puppets of the powers-that-be, namely the Biden-Harris regime and corporate media.

CNN race-baiter Van Jones primed the pumps with a ludicrous story about how this attack is still racist despite the fact that all former police officers involved are black:

Van Jones

Here’s the stunning videos in four parts:

If you live in a metro area, stay frosty. If you live in Memphis, stay home. It’s going to get violent, just as they planned.

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