Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Medical Board Suspends Dr. Sherri Tenpenny With ZERO Due Process and NO RECOURSE

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has had her license suspended by the Ohio Medical Board and they won’t tell her why. Recourse is limited as the Attorney General’s office under Republican David Yost has refused to help, opting instead to side with the Board in a conspiracy against Dr. Tenpenny. She has retained freedom-loving attorney Tom Renz to fight represent her.

For full disclosure, I consider Dr. Tenpenny to be a friend. We’ve done several hours worth of interviews over the years. We share a strong trust in the Bible and a healthy distrust of the Medical Tyranny Industrial Complex. Her attorney is also a very good and trusted friend.

Here’s Renz laying out what’s at stake:

In an egregious assault on the 5th & 6th Amendments the Ohio Medical Board has suspended Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s medical license without even a pretense of due process. So absurd was this action that the assistant AG from the #REPUBLICAN #Ohio Attorney General’s office literally argued in an open hearing that @BusyDrT does not have a right to know what she’s been accused of & that due process in the courts would “breakdown the processes of investigations.”

We are calling for legislative reform in Ohio & for the #GOP Governor – Mike DeWine – and GOP AG David Yost to state for the record whether they believe licensed professionals like doctors and lawyers should receive due process before their rights are taken away.

To be clear, this is really an action to censor Dr. Tenpenny for speaking out about COVID and the #vaccines. The state medical boards appear to be acting on behalf of the corrupt #Biden admin to continue to censor people. PLEASE HELP GET THIS OUT. #WeThePeople MUST stand against this corruption. Full interview below.

Here’s that interview:

When patriots tell me the solutions to our problems rest in electing Republicans, I point out people like DeWine and Yost as examples of how the UniParty swamp works on both sides of the aisle. We need America First freedom defenders, not RINOs. There’s a huge difference, as Dr. Tenpenny is now learning.

Let’s get the word out. Share this with friends and family so we can get as much coverage of this story as possible. By denying Dr. Tenpenny has rights, they are attempting to sweep this under the rug. Let’s not let them. Sound off about this on my Substack.