Media Scrambles to Explain Away Concerns About Disturbing Israel 'Vaccine' Efficacy Numbers

Media Scrambles to Explain Away Concerns About Disturbing Israel ‘Vaccine’ Efficacy Numbers

A report was released by Ynet today indicating 55% of new Covid-19 cases are among “vaccinated” Israelis. Considering that 55% of the population has been fully “vaccinated,” one could easily draw the conclusion that these “vaccines” aren’t really doing what governments, media, and doctors claimed they would do.

That hasn’t stopped American mainstream media from trying to stave off growing concerns by spinning numbers any way they can to keep people focused on getting the jabs. “News” stories from sites like Bloomberg, The Week, and others attempted to confuse the easily understood numbers with expert quotes, declarations of expectations, and highly opinionated spin to downplay the troubling numbers.

Bloomberg called on a Pfizer spokesperson to give her “expert” advice:

Dervila Keane, a spokeswoman at Pfizer, declined to comment on the data from Israel but she pointed to other research that shows continued protection against new mutations — just slightly reduced in some cases. The evidence gathered so far suggests that the vaccine “will continue to protect against these variants,” she said.

The Week did some good ol’ fashioned spinning to make the numbers seem like a positive:

Data from the Israel Health Ministry find the vaccine holds up well against the variant when it comes to hospitalizations and serious illness, with an efficacy rate of 93 percent according to data from June 6 to July 3, when the Delta variant really began to take hold. That’s down from 98.2 percent compared to the variants that came before, but still very good. 

Through it all, they’re still building up the “Delta Variant” boogeyman. It’s a challenge because doing so means they need to talk out of both sides of their mouth. They report that the Delta Variant appears to be resistant to the “vaccines” while still saying it’s better to get the vaccines than to not get vaccinated because, well, they have their reasons.

The 800 lb gorilla that everyone in mainstream media is conspicuously sidestepping is the fact that the “vaccines” are not working anywhere near the level of efficacy of any approved vaccine in history. And none of them are mentioning the risks. Sad.