Media Pounces on Kristy Swanson's Unvaxxed Status After Downplaying It for Every 'Fully Vaccinated_ Celebrity That Gets Covid

Fake News Media Pounces on Kristy Swanson’s Unvaxxed Status After Downplaying It for Every ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Celebrity That Gets Covid

It was bound to happen. The long streak of unvaxxed celebrities who have not been hospitalized for Covid-19 came to an end today when actress Kristy Swanson announced she developed pneumonia on the tail-end of her bout with the disease.

On cue, mainstream media hopped in to denounce her as an “anti-vaxxer” (she’s not) and “Covid protocols” critic, highlighting her status as one of the unjabbed conservatives they hate the most. This is disingenuous, of course, because we’ve reported on dozens of stories about “fully vaccinated” celebrities testing positive and in literally every single one, their status as a “rare” breakthrough case is either buried or not mentioned at all.

Here’s Swanson’s reports from the hospital:

Many of the commenters to her thread were loaded with vitriol towards her and glee over her suffering. The left may not be the only hideous people on Twitter, but their side seems to command the lion’s share.