Media Doesn't Hide Their Disappointment That Joe Rogan Survived Covid-19 by Taking Ivermectin

Media Doesn’t Hide Their Disappointment That Joe Rogan Survived Covid-19 by Taking Ivermectin

Judging by the plethora of reactions from leftist and mainstream media, they are utterly appalled that podcaster Joe Rogan survived Covid-19. They aren’t upset that he didn’t die, per se. They are upset that he used treatments recommended by thousands of doctors but panned by the vaccine-pushers in government and Big Pharma: Ivermectin.

He didn’t struggle through the disease for weeks. He didn’t sit on his death bed urging people to not listen to his complaints about vaccine mandates (he’s vaccinated, by the way). Instead, he “threw the kitchen sink” at the disease and recovered after three days with one “hard” day in the middle.

“I really only had one bad day, Sunday sucked, but Monday was better, Tuesday felt better than Monday, and today I actually feel good,” he said. “I feel pretty f**king good.”

Here’s his announcement:

Ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug that is widely prescribed (though not widely enough) by doctors who understand its efficacy in treating Covid-19, is the #1 target of Big Pharma and their puppets at the CDC, mainstream media, Big Tech, and academia.

Many of mainstream media’s stories didn’t even mention that he recovered, let alone how. They saw the video and decided their headline would be something like CNN’s “Joe Rogan says he tested positive for Covid-19.” In the video, Anderson Cooper stresses that Ivermectin is for horses and the CDC opposes its use. He then brought on Brian “Tater” Stelter and disgraced former Planned Parenthood Director Leana Wen. They, of course, panned Ivermectin.

Business Insider didn’t hold back their punches, using the opportunity to highlight one of the uses for Ivermectin. Their headline reads, “Joe Rogan says he has COVID-19 and is taking ivermectin, a horse dewormer that the CDC is warning people not to take.”

Cristina Laila at The Gateway Pundit found more examples of the media’s unhinged reactions:

“Rogan did not reveal if he’s been vaccinated against the coronavirus but said he’s been taking a number of medications, mentioning a Z-Pak, prednisolone and ivermectin, which is given to livestock and not recommended for the treatment of COVID-19.” The Hill reported.

“Joe Rogan announced that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. He said he took a series of medications, including ivermectin, but did not make any mention of the vaccine.” Axios whined.

“Joe Rogan, a podcasting giant who has been dismissive of vaccination has Covid” – The New York Times rage reported.

“Joe Rogan says he has Covid, took widely discredited horse drug ivermectin. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month urged people to stop believing misinformation that the livestock treatment would help cure Covid-19.” ABC News reported.

Judging by reporting, mainstream media personalities wish Rogan had died from Covid after taking Ivermectin, reinforcing their false narrative that it’s ineffective and dangerous. He recovered quickly and the media is big mad about it.